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Is this the right time to invest in real estate?

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Investment is a tricky business. All the speculations and planning might go wrong if business is dependent on the consumer’s behavior. One such business is real estate business. From the outset, investment in real estate business seems like a win-win situation. Reasons being land value never depreciates and the demand for houses, land and domestic and commercial properties are always on the higher side. With the ever increasing population the demand for a house always has an upward trend.

But the bubble got burst and in the last one decade and many investors had to suffer heavy losses. Many buildings are still under construction and people are not ready to buy houses. Cost of the houses started getting sky rocketing and with high interest rates customers started retracting from buying houses. What were the reasons for cost of the houses going so high? There are many factors, like model house cost being included. Yes, this is a well kept secret of real estate investors and builders. One of the factors of cost of the house is also the model house that is built to show to the prospective customers. The cost of a model house is the same as the house that is built for the customer the only differentiation is that it cannot be sold and has to be demolished later on.

But has anything changed in recent past for investors becoming interested in investing in Real Estate business? Yes, the biggest differentiation is the GST bill or the Goods and Services Bills. This bill can become a major player in reducing the cost of building a house. Yes a lot of changes are foreseen. Manufacturing cost is foreseen to be decreasing due to one tax being levied on raw materials (like cement, brics etc) and the market is showing positive signs. Although it is too early to predict but if the GST tax is lesser than the overall tax levied now then the cost of the house will go down considerably and there will be more buyers for the houses. How is that possible? At present there are multiple taxes and cess added by each player ( like the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer) at various stages and by the time the end customer that is the manufacturer buys the product he ends up buying it the raw materials at a very high cost. But with the GST coming into picture (provided the tax percentage is lesser than the overall current tax%) then the realtor will end up shelling lesser price than he or she used to do earlier.

Also more jobs are being created in various sectors and consumers are being encouraged to spend their money more by the government. With the advent of schemes of Make in India and Skilled India the job market is showing great signs of improvement and the scope of employment is increasing steadily. The market is showing positive signs of increasing purchasing power for the consumers at various levels (an important factor for purchasing big ticket items like house, cars etc). So over all the signs are looking good for the people who want to invest in real estate market. As there is a popular saying “There is no time better than now”. Same way there is no time better than now to invest in Real Estate market and reap the benefits of it in near future.

Buying a home in India – Easy?

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Owning a house in India is symbolic to being settled in life. Yes there is no relationship between being settled and owning a house but that, unfortunately is a common perception, which cannot be changed. Also every couple has a dream house in their mind, a house which they own and want to decorate it according to their own ideas and relish.

What are the prerequisites of buying a house? Nothing drastic, choose the location and the type of house you want to buy. Apply for home loan. Purchase the house that you plan to own. It is a simple three step process. But it is not as easy as it seems. There are multiple hurdles which need to be crossed before realizing the dream of owning a house.

Advertisements provided by the real estate companies and financial sectors about buying a house and getting a loan for purchasing a house look too good to be true. As per the advertisement an agent is waiting just for us and ready to serve us. But that is not the reality.

The first step of choosing the right locality and the house of your dream itself is a tedious process. Everything that is promised in the advertisement starts disappearing when you reach the location. The commonly used lines are you will be provided everything excepting these amenities and if you want to avail this facility you need to pay extra. So the whole concept of all inclusive itself is wrong. You cannot even go and sue the real estate company in the court of law as there are fine prints called conditions applied. So you start making compromises to suite your budget or agree to pay extra amount in order to get that dream house.

Next hurdle is the home loan. Depending upon a lot of factors (half of which are unknown to the common man) you are eligible for up to 80% of the cost of the house. But this will not include the registration cost of the house and the Tax obligation (in case your house costs more than 50 lakhs). So if you are lucky to be getting exactly 80% (which usually is not the case) then you will have to arrange for the rest of the amount plus the cost for the registration of the house.

But hold on, before that your eligibility will be checked. Your credit score will be checked. The credit score calculation is a different topic by itself and will need a separate discussion board. So we will not dwell into it as of not. So after all the important checks are made you will be told as to how much you are eligible for. It does not end here. Whether your house is ready to occupy or not the moment you avail the loan you are supposed to pay your EMI in timely manner. So if you book your house in March 2016 and you are supposed to get your house in April 2017 then for the next one year you will be paying your monthly EMI plus your house rent. And you need to pay your EMI in time (with the interest rate being fixed or floating depending upon the terms of your loans) or else your house will be seized by the bank for being a defaulter for a significant amount of time period.

The issues pointed out here are just the tip of the iceberg. That makes us to think as to how easy it is to be a house owner in India?

TDS Obligation of a Home Buyer

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The best suggestion given to all the people who are looking to save on TDS (Tax Deducted on Source) from their income is to take home loan and buy a house. It is said that two purposes are solved at the same time. First is that you have your own house and the second is that you can claim tax savings for the next fifteen or twenty years (depending upon the tenure of your loan).

But there is a small catch to buying home which people are rarely told about. Like any other product there is a fine print of Buyers beware to purchasing homes too. No, it is not related to bank loans or the interest or the condition or the locality of the house. Yes these are important and are known factors about which there have been several discussions and several suggestions have been given by many knowledgeable people.

What I am trying to point out here is something which is rarely talked about. About a clause which is there but never mentioned by the buyers. Builders and promoters tend to have selective amnesia while promoting and selling their houses to the potential customers. It is not their fault and they cannot be blamed for it too. It is the buyer who needs to know their responsibilities as a potential house owner when it comes to paying their taxes related to their house.

There are several taxes which a house owner needs to pay but one of the most important taxes is related to the houses which costs more than 50 lakhs. The rule states that the purchaser of an immovable property is mandatorily required to withhold tax at the rate of 1% from the seller if the cost of the property is more than 50 lakhs. The main point here is that the tax rate of 1% is to be applied on the total amount and not the amount exceeding 50 lakhs. That means if the cost of the house is 75 lakhs then 1% tax has to be considered on the whole of 75 lakhs and not 25 lakhs (which is exceeding more than 50 lakhs). Also it is important that the tax amount that has been deducted should be deposited within 7 working days from the end of the month in which the tax has been deducted.

But this rule does not apply to people who are purchasing rural agricultural land. I can already see awe struck faces which reads “WOW, we never knew about this rule”. Well, now you know about it and sometimes it is better late than never. You can know more details about the TDS obligations by visiting the site Before I end this article let me warn you that if there is a delay in the payment of taxes from your side you will be penalized and the penalty is 200 per day for the number of days that were lapsed.

Impact of GST on REAL ESTATE – Positive or Negative?

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There has been a definite positive vibe in the market from the time GST (Goods and Services Tax)
has been passed in the upper and the lower house of the Parliament of India. The mood has been upbeat among the investors and the markets have been showing upward trends. These are very positive signs as far as investors are concerned. According to our Prime Minister GST will be helpful in killing tax terrorism.

But the common man is still apprehensive. The common man still does not know whether GST Bill is going to bring a definitive change in their lives or not. The three main factors which are directed to the lives or a common man are food shelter and clothing. His main concern is whether the cost of these three commodities will go down or not? If answered in a nutshell then yes it will go down on a long term. Short term effect is still a speculation and will be known only when the GST rate is finalized.

The common man’s dream of a shelter of his own is a dream of a life time. The real estate market has gone through a slumber for last few years due to high interest rates and other financial factors. Consumers have been vary of buying a house as they are not sure whether they will be able to pay the monthly EMI due to high interest rates. Therefore many builders have suffered huge losses.

Real Estate Industry’s contribution to India’s GDP is around 7.8%, and it generates second largest employment opportunity after IT Industry.

With the changes in the structure the speculation is that the tax will be lower than the existing cumulative taxes. But if the final rate is equal or higher than the tax % that is present in the current scenario then it will be a dampener and will burst the bubble of hype that has been created. That is because it will increase the final cost of purchasing a flat or a house which is under construction.

The picture looks murky for now but in the long term it should be beneficial for both the buyer and the seller and the real estate industry should be seeing an upward trend. That is because of rationalization in tax related compliance and expected gains in sectors like cement, steel, banking etc. which are directly related to Real Estate industry.
But how will all this affect the so called common man who is not able to realize his dream of owning a house? It is very simple equation, as the increase in cost was passed on to the consumers by the constructors in the same the benefits will also be passed on to the consumers. But how is that going to happen?

With the rationalization of related sectors the constructors will not need to pay extra for these commodities resulting in lower construction cost which means the cost of the house will definitely go down when it comes to the end customer.

Having said that we all need to wait till the rates have been fixed and till then all these points are mere speculations.

Our Safety is Our Responsibility

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There was a time when “Safety first” was a term which used to be heard only in factories. The factory workers were cautioned to be safe while working with heavy machineries. But times have changed and the words “Safety First” needs to be remembered even in our own house.

It is unfortunate but true that we look into “luxury first” instead of “Safety First” when it comes to buying a house or an apartment. Crime rates have increased in geometric proportions and our policing system is not equipped both technologically and physically to provide the citizens basic level of safety. Our approach till now has been more reactive than being proactive. By reactive it is meant that we spring into action only when crime happens in our locality or near our locality. Till then we have a very casual approach towards crime till it does not affects our lives.

But we forget that if it has not affected us today, there is no guarantee that it will not affect us sometime in the near future. Let us ask ourselves a very basic and blunt question. How prepared are we in terms of saving ourselves and our near and dear ones? The immediate reaction would be pointing out fingers on the administration and the policing system. But have we taken the necessary basic steps from our side to create an environment which helps in keeping our family safe?

The concept of joint family is diminishing slowly in India and majority of the families are nuclear families with both the parents going to work. This increases the vulnerability of the people who are left behind in the house. Is there a third eye that is protecting your family from the evils of the society? Is your locality protected? Is it enough to keep a watchman at the gate and feel that you are safe? An unarmed guard is as good as not being there guarding us. Also the words of the guards cannot be taken as hard evidence to catch the perpetrator.

The latest incident in Nungambakkam railway station proves the importance of having a security system in our locality. The culprit could be identified only because of security camera that was installed in a building which was near the railway station. There are many instances of robbery, arson and different types of crimes that could be solved with the help of security camera.

It has also been noticed that the rate of crime is lesser in the localities which have got security cameras and various security systems installed. Security systems are no longer nice to have gadget. Instead it has become a must have equipment for the safety of the people living in the locality.

So it can be safely said that smart security systems have become the need of the hour.

Importance of Landscaping as a Value Addition to your House

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Times have changed and with so many choices and options available in the world of real estate the first question that is asked is what is unique about the house or flat and why should it be chosen from the rest of the other? Basically the question asked is the USP or the Unique Sales Proposition of the house or flat.

There was a time when it was thought that there is only a limit to what the builders or realtors can give as add-ons while selling the property. More focus used to be given the extra benefits as interiors for the house or flats and whether parking area is provided as an added benefit. Then came a time when parking area became a necessity and garden or playground or park became a nice to have. With parks and play areas for children these parks or play areas attached to flat or the house became the USP for realtors or builders.

Along with the park or play ground came the concept of landscaping. And slowly became an important feature. What is landscaping? If you Google for the meaning of landscaping you will find that it means the act of improving the aesthetic appearance of an area by changing its contours, adding ornamental features or planting trees shrubs. Simply stating, landscaping means changing the appearance of a particular area by decorating based on a particular theme.

It is very important to have landscaping that matches the theme of the house. It should be in accordance to the way the apartment complex or the house is built. That is because landscaping is basically done to improve the aesthetic look of a particular area.

Landscaping has its own importance. Just imagine sitting in the park watching your children play and enjoying a cool evening with your life partner. The mere thought makes us feel relaxed. But if the ambience doesn’t echo your mood then you experience would be more nightmarish than a memorable one. So it is very important to have the right kind of landscaping done for the area surrounding your house or flat which is an important add on to your house or flat.

Landscaping cannot be done by bringing a gardener and asking him to plant a few plants here and there. There is a lot of thought that goes behind it and there are specialists who have the expertise on designing the perfect landscape for a particular area. Usually people who are engaged in horticulture and artistic design are the right people who can give the right idea after analyzing the whole area.

A perfectly planned landscaping gives a completely different meaning to the whole area and can be real value add to the house and has changed from a good to have to must have feature of apartment complex and houses.

Why I am apprehensive of buying a house…Read My Story

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I am 35 years old working in an IT company and professionally very successful. I own a Toyota Camry and my two children go to the most prestigious school in Chennai. I am financially secured yet I am in a rented house. My friends and family are forcing me to buy a house. Their point is that my EMI will be either equal or lesser than the monthly rent that I am paying. I agree to their point but yet I am afraid of owning a house.

I am somehow not convinced that the decision of buying a house in Chennai is a very good decision. The last thing I want to do is own a house and still stay in a rented flat. No, I am not in a transferable Job. I have been in Chennai for the last 35 years and intend to be here my whole life. Yet I have this fear of owning that dream house and still not being able to enjoy it. Reason is very simple, last year’s flood in Chennai.

Many would say that it was an aberration and such a situation is very rare. Last time Chennai faced such a situation was around hundred years back. Yes, the main cause of flood could be attributed to incessant rain which does not happen every year. But we do not need to go as far as hundred years. In the year 2005 Chennai was again grappled with the same situation. Many localities which were supposed to be well developed areas like Velachery were inundated in water and were facing near flood like situation.

Many questions are hounding me and I am apprehensive about being a proud owner of the so called dream house. All the builders are showcasing a dream that is nowhere close to being true while advertising the houses. I am not yet sure as to what questions I should be asking before I decide to buy a house. Leave alone asking the right question, I don’t even know whom to ask these questions.

Real Estate is a booming business and majority of the people involved in this business have entered it to make quick money. There is no harm in making money. As Adam Smith the father of Economics said “Money is the pivot around which the whole world revolves”. But is money everything? Isn’t there something called social responsibility? I know such questions sound strange but when a builder is planning to build a house are there no guidelines that the builder needs to follow? If there are then who is making sure that these rules and guidelines are being followed?

Yes even we buyers are equally at fault. We do not care to do our basic homework and if we see some freebies attached we jump over it thinking we have got the best possible deal. There needs to be transparency at all levels and there should be a platform where the buyers can get the right answers to all their questions. Till then people like me will always be reluctant of buying a house.

Construction Methods: OLD Vs NEW

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It has become a fashion statement to use words like houses with modern amenities and built with modern technologies. One is forced to think as to what are the modern technologies used to build houses and what are the advantages or disadvantages of using modern technologies?

That brings us to the topic of this particular write up, difference between Old and new methods of construction. We are going to take a few points which can be used as the key differentiator for this discussion. Even before we start the discussion let us clarify that we are not trying to determine as to which one is the best method. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. We are just trying to put forth our point of view.

Construction Styles

It has been argued that with the advent of technology building construction has seen a lot of changes as far as styles and patterns of the houses are concerned. Earlier, the houses used to be more or less of the same pattern and there were no major differences in the looks. The only difference was in the size depending upon the status of the house owner. Is that really true? There is some element of truth in it but a lot also depended on the ideas available at that period of time. There have been some astounding buildings made without the help of major technological advancements. So the style and new patterns cannot be attributed to new methods but to the taste of the consumers. With the change in time the expectations and demands changed resulting in new designs and patterns.

Heating/Cooling technologies

This can be a point for debate. Heating and cooling systems have become the need of the hour for all houses and high rise buildings of the modern era. Earlier it was more of a luxury for the rich and the elite class. So with the change of times the needs of the consumers have changed. Earlier people have the facility of having trees around their community and use of heating and cooling systems was very less. As times changed trees were cut and cities changed into concrete jungles forcing us to rely on artificial mechanisms.

Time Consumption

This is a point which will be heavily loaded in the favor of modern construction methods. Simply because time taken to complete with technologically advanced machines will be relatively lesser than manual labor. But the unfortunate point is that in spite of having modern machines builders are not able to deliver the house in time.

The points for comparison does not end here but these are some of the points which are often discussed when the new and old methods of constructions are compared.

Rooftop garden, a need for the future

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Cities are turning are turning into concrete jungles. Very rarely do we see individual homes in Chennai and if they are to be seen they are out of the city limits. But the craze for having a garden has not died. The passion for having beautiful plants and bonsai and cacti and seasonal flowers are still alive inside the hearts of some enthusiastic people. They feel something is missing from their life as they are not able to nurture their passion of gardening.

If high rise buildings are the need of the hour then rooftop gardens are the need for the future. Rooftop garden is not a new concept. It has been happening in a small scale in each and every household. You can see a few pots with plants of rose and other seasonal flowers in the patio of each and every house of a building. Yes it cannot be called as rooftop gardening but it is a concept which is very close to the original rooftop gardening concept.

How important is rooftop gardening? Why are we even talking about it? Take a look around you and you will notice that greenery is either missing or has already vanished in some cities. For planners and developers in urban areas becoming green has almost become a priority. We have certain responsibilities towards our future generation and towards nature. According to the recent survey done in Tokyo the temperature of the city could be lowered by 0.11-0.84 °C just by utilizing 50% of the available rooftop space for gardening. Turn it into cost benefit then you will be surprised to know that it will lead to saving of approximately 100 million yen that is around 55 crores in Indian Rupees. That is a big amount to be saved.

Rooftop gardening is also known as rooftop farming and is done using green roof, hydronics, aeroponics or air-air-dynaponics systems or container gardens. The whole concept is based upon the basic cycle of gardening. Rooftop gardening can be used to grow vegetables like cucumber etc for personal consumption ensuring healthy eating for the family. Rooftop gardening also works as a natural mode of cooling your house. The artificial heat generated by air conditioners are actually harming the environment and are one of the major cause of the temperature becoming so volatile. With the help roof top gardening we can cool down the temperature inside the house in a massive way.

Rooftop gardening or rooftop agriculture is becoming a part of our life style and is being accepted by people living in high rise buildings or flats. It is a concept that is simple yet very effective and is the need for the future.

Unknown facts you should see while buying a home.. !

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No matter what we do and where we stand professionally we are not known to be settled till we own a house. But it is easier said than done. The advertisements in paper and television by various builders financial institutions make it look simpler. But is it as simple as it seem? We rarely notice, but at the end of every advertisement there is a statutory warning “conditions applied”. How many of us have actually tried to understand the so called conditions and how are they applied? What are their impacts?

There is a very famous saying “Caveat Emptor”, that means buyers beware. So let us see some of the unknown facts which should be seeing while buying a house.

Credentials of the builders

It is very common to see new builders coming up like mushrooms shooting up in rainy season. Because of lack of credentials these buyers are more dependent on the money received by the buyers and due to lack of funding they sometimes end up scrapping the project. This results in huge loss for the buyers. It is advisable that before selecting builders we check their credentials and their past work before proceeding further.

Written agreement

The buyers should always remember that they are investing their hard earned money and sometimes their life time saving in buying a home. This is the most costly and biggest investment that is done by a buyer. So anything that is promised by the builder should be documented and duly signed by both the parties, that is the builder and the buyer. Make sure to note down each and every point no matter how small it is. You cannot sue the builder on a court of law for any verbal agreement.

Never invest your own money

Many of us think that going for a home loan is a very tedious process and try to avoid it by trying to invest the money that they have as savings. It is not a very wise decision. There are reasons for the bank loans being a tedious process. Apart from checking the credit history and other factors of the applicant they also check the credibility and other factors of the builders. So the buyer gets a professional help in checking the credibility of the builder. So it is advisable to apply for a bank loan rather than investing the whole money from your own pocket to buy a house.

Hidden cost and paid facilities

There are many hidden costs and paid facilities that are not discussed while discussing the plan of the house. These are revealed after the buyer has bought the house and has made considerable investment. It is advisable to discuss and get all the information related to hidden cost and services which are not covered under the actual cost of the house like parking lot for example.

These are a few very important facts which are actually unknown to the buyers but need to be considered while buying a house.

Hello world!

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