Construction Methods: OLD Vs NEW

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It has become a fashion statement to use words like houses with modern amenities and built with modern technologies. One is forced to think as to what are the modern technologies used to build houses and what are the advantages or disadvantages of using modern technologies?

That brings us to the topic of this particular write up, difference between Old and new methods of construction. We are going to take a few points which can be used as the key differentiator for this discussion. Even before we start the discussion let us clarify that we are not trying to determine as to which one is the best method. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. We are just trying to put forth our point of view.

Construction Styles

It has been argued that with the advent of technology building construction has seen a lot of changes as far as styles and patterns of the houses are concerned. Earlier, the houses used to be more or less of the same pattern and there were no major differences in the looks. The only difference was in the size depending upon the status of the house owner. Is that really true? There is some element of truth in it but a lot also depended on the ideas available at that period of time. There have been some astounding buildings made without the help of major technological advancements. So the style and new patterns cannot be attributed to new methods but to the taste of the consumers. With the change in time the expectations and demands changed resulting in new designs and patterns.

Heating/Cooling technologies

This can be a point for debate. Heating and cooling systems have become the need of the hour for all houses and high rise buildings of the modern era. Earlier it was more of a luxury for the rich and the elite class. So with the change of times the needs of the consumers have changed. Earlier people have the facility of having trees around their community and use of heating and cooling systems was very less. As times changed trees were cut and cities changed into concrete jungles forcing us to rely on artificial mechanisms.

Time Consumption

This is a point which will be heavily loaded in the favor of modern construction methods. Simply because time taken to complete with technologically advanced machines will be relatively lesser than manual labor. But the unfortunate point is that in spite of having modern machines builders are not able to deliver the house in time.

The points for comparison does not end here but these are some of the points which are often discussed when the new and old methods of constructions are compared.

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