Our Safety is Our Responsibility

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There was a time when “Safety first” was a term which used to be heard only in factories. The factory workers were cautioned to be safe while working with heavy machineries. But times have changed and the words “Safety First” needs to be remembered even in our own house.

It is unfortunate but true that we look into “luxury first” instead of “Safety First” when it comes to buying a house or an apartment. Crime rates have increased in geometric proportions and our policing system is not equipped both technologically and physically to provide the citizens basic level of safety. Our approach till now has been more reactive than being proactive. By reactive it is meant that we spring into action only when crime happens in our locality or near our locality. Till then we have a very casual approach towards crime till it does not affects our lives.

But we forget that if it has not affected us today, there is no guarantee that it will not affect us sometime in the near future. Let us ask ourselves a very basic and blunt question. How prepared are we in terms of saving ourselves and our near and dear ones? The immediate reaction would be pointing out fingers on the administration and the policing system. But have we taken the necessary basic steps from our side to create an environment which helps in keeping our family safe?

The concept of joint family is diminishing slowly in India and majority of the families are nuclear families with both the parents going to work. This increases the vulnerability of the people who are left behind in the house. Is there a third eye that is protecting your family from the evils of the society? Is your locality protected? Is it enough to keep a watchman at the gate and feel that you are safe? An unarmed guard is as good as not being there guarding us. Also the words of the guards cannot be taken as hard evidence to catch the perpetrator.

The latest incident in Nungambakkam railway station proves the importance of having a security system in our locality. The culprit could be identified only because of security camera that was installed in a building which was near the railway station. There are many instances of robbery, arson and different types of crimes that could be solved with the help of security camera.

It has also been noticed that the rate of crime is lesser in the localities which have got security cameras and various security systems installed. Security systems are no longer nice to have gadget. Instead it has become a must have equipment for the safety of the people living in the locality.

So it can be safely said that smart security systems have become the need of the hour.

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