Rooftop garden, a need for the future

Posted on: April 12th, 2016 by Nahars Commander No Comments

Cities are turning are turning into concrete jungles. Very rarely do we see individual homes in Chennai and if they are to be seen they are out of the city limits. But the craze for having a garden has not died. The passion for having beautiful plants and bonsai and cacti and seasonal flowers are still alive inside the hearts of some enthusiastic people. They feel something is missing from their life as they are not able to nurture their passion of gardening.

If high rise buildings are the need of the hour then rooftop gardens are the need for the future. Rooftop garden is not a new concept. It has been happening in a small scale in each and every household. You can see a few pots with plants of rose and other seasonal flowers in the patio of each and every house of a building. Yes it cannot be called as rooftop gardening but it is a concept which is very close to the original rooftop gardening concept.

How important is rooftop gardening? Why are we even talking about it? Take a look around you and you will notice that greenery is either missing or has already vanished in some cities. For planners and developers in urban areas becoming green has almost become a priority. We have certain responsibilities towards our future generation and towards nature. According to the recent survey done in Tokyo the temperature of the city could be lowered by 0.11-0.84 °C just by utilizing 50% of the available rooftop space for gardening. Turn it into cost benefit then you will be surprised to know that it will lead to saving of approximately 100 million yen that is around 55 crores in Indian Rupees. That is a big amount to be saved.

Rooftop gardening is also known as rooftop farming and is done using green roof, hydronics, aeroponics or air-air-dynaponics systems or container gardens. The whole concept is based upon the basic cycle of gardening. Rooftop gardening can be used to grow vegetables like cucumber etc for personal consumption ensuring healthy eating for the family. Rooftop gardening also works as a natural mode of cooling your house. The artificial heat generated by air conditioners are actually harming the environment and are one of the major cause of the temperature becoming so volatile. With the help roof top gardening we can cool down the temperature inside the house in a massive way.

Rooftop gardening or rooftop agriculture is becoming a part of our life style and is being accepted by people living in high rise buildings or flats. It is a concept that is simple yet very effective and is the need for the future.

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